Who is the Title Sleuth? 

Here’s lookin’ at you, JD…

Title Sleuth, LLC clients consist of a small, carefully curated group of firms who specialize in NC Real Estate Law, including residential and commercial properties. Each of these attorneys understand and embrace the importance of providing a positive, pleasant, and professional experience to their clients. We’re all in this together, and with so many moving parts it’s crucial to be on task, on time, and on point.

Prior to working together, we’ll discuss your specific needs and how you’d like everything delivered to your inbox. Some attorneys prefer all files combined into a single pdf document, while some prefer individual documents clearly labeled and organized in folders. It’s up to you! We’ll design a customized system to make sure you have all the info you need right at your fingertips. That way, you can focus on providing the best possible closing to your clients.

The all important “Why”

Years ago, a member of my family had a harrowing experience due to a missed detail in a title search supervised by a local firm. The emotional, mental, and financial ramifications were devastating. I think about that every time I perform a search.

Being meticulous and detail-oriented helps prevent long-term negative consequences for neighbors in our community who are looking forward to purchasing their first—or their fifth—house. Even though they rarely meet me, since I work directly with their attorney, it’s still important to put just as much effort and care into a search on their potential new home as I would my own.

In addition to performing searches for several hundred real estate transactions in Western North Carolina, my unique blend of skills include more than a decade in consulting and marketing strategy, almost two decades of historical and genealogical research, and nine years producing Family Legacy Films. Part detective, part technology guru, and a whole lot of tenacity make for a proficient, capable, and competent Title Searcher.

Training + Experience

During my initial training, I worked closely with a multi-year Best Lawyer® firm whose level of knowledge and impeccable reputation are regarded very highly by their peers in NC Real Property Law. Since then, I’ve performed several hundred title searches for clients all over NC ranging from single-family homes to huge industrial complexes. Every search is unique and presents its own challenges, thereby adding to my experience and proficiency.

Training and experience regimen involved the following:

  • Studying Webster’s Real Estate Law in North Carolina, focusing on the following sections:
    – Chapter 21: Title Examination Generally
    – Chapter 22: The Chain of Title
    – Chapter 23: Examination of the Sources of Title
    – Chapter 24: Objections to Title
  • Completing NC Bar Association Course by Teresa Bowling, ACP, NCCP: Processes and Tips for a Thorough Search.
  • Studying various Risk Management Guides to Title Searching.
  • Studying NC laws, statutes, and other resources relating to the probate process, ROD recording, judgments/liens/lis pendens, taxes/municipal assessments, land surveying, property development, formation of HOA’s, etc.
  • Performing “test” title searches by recreating work performed by veteran title searchers. (I’ve found several items during my “test” searches that were missed by previous searchers.)
  • Completing the official NC Notary Public Course and passing the exam with flying colors. (I took the course to learn more about the notary process and to help me identify proper acknowledgments. I do not offer notary services.)
  • Regular meetings with supervising attorneys for hands-on direction and advice, using real-world examples.

  • Developing and improving upon proprietary checklists and forms to standardize every search and mitigate the risk of skipping steps or missing information.
  • Continuing education research and additional courses through the NCBA.
  • Reading materials on a monthly basis that highlight trends in real estate law and common pitfalls in real estate title searching (Published by ALTA, NCLTA, NCBA, NBA, Lawyers Mutual, Chicago Title, First American, Fidelity, Source of Title, etc.)
  • Regularly talking with other Title Searchers in Western North Carolina to discuss known issues and to share information related to title search best practices.
  • Developing relationships with experts in associated industries. I’ve often reached out to my contacts at surveying firms, county and state land records departments, and the techs who design and manage county GIS systems with questions about surveys, plotting, or peculiar metes and bounds calls and legal descriptions. I also talk regularly with managing counsel at a premier NC title agency, as well as members of counsel at several national title agencies.
  • Talking regularly with my clients to review the work and refine the process. I take abundant notes and keep a running list of all questions that arise, along with the answers given to me by the supervising attorney who answered them. Clients frequently ask how the heck I find some of the things I’ve uncovered!
  • Joining NCLTA and ALTA [happening soon!]
  • Partnering with numerous attorneys throughout NC who specialize in Real Property Law.


Accepting new clients!
If you’d like to work together, please send a message and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Danielle McClennan
Title Sleuth LLC