The Title Sleuth Difference

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What’s wrong with status quo?

Parts of the Title Industry are severely outdated and in need of positive change. It’s time for Title Searchers to produce work on par with today’s fast-paced office environment. Your firm is busy and your time is valuable. Title examination shouldn’t be a bottleneck in your practice. 

There’s a better way!

  • Instead of shuffling through enormous stacks of paper, wouldn’t you rather have a digital report you can easily navigate to find every item, page, and keyword quickly?
  • Are you spending your valuable time plotting metes and bounds descriptions yourself—oh, the horror!—because your Title Searcher doesn’t have the technical ability or the software?
  • Does your current Title Searcher provide an editable ‘Exhibit A’ or do you have to painstakingly type—or worse, photocopy—those lengthy metes and bounds legal descriptions yourself?

Imagine looking forward to your Title Report…

While working closely with several highly regarded WNC real estate attorneys, Title Sleuth created a proprietary process using checklists, customizable forms, and modern plotting technology to produce a paperless product unmatched by competitors. We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t dismiss clues that may lead to uncovering issues (whether hidden deliberately or simply forgotten in a corner.)

Title Search Reports from Title Sleuth are organized beautifully, packed full of detailed information, and leave no stone unturned. That way, you spend your valuable time determining good title, rather than figuring out how to scan 97 different sized pages.

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